All Hazards Communications Preparedness

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This book is for professionals or anyone who wants a complete overview and in-depth resource for emergency communications. All Hazards Communications Preparedness is a must-have handbook written for anyone who wants to learn more about the subject as well as professionals who want to broaden their knowledge beyond their specialization. Because it is an eBook the information can be carried with you at all times and available during power outages and Internet service disruptions.

The material in this book is drawn from hundreds of government and military publications and documents in addition to thousands of other authoritative sources of information. Some of these publications and documents are listed below with links to a PDF version available to you here. The author has skillfully blended his own knowledge and experience with up-to-date factual and official information conveniently organized and written in plain, non-technical language.

Several years in the making, "All Hazards Communications Preparedness” draws upon David A. Vine’s extensive professional experience and intensive research of radio communications and related subjects.

The author was a licensed ham radio operator at age 13 and has used many types of sophisticated communications equipment throughout his career. He worked in print journalism monitoring emergency communications as well as coordinating media coverage of news events as the public information officer for Miami International Airport. Mr. Vine was deeply involved in planning for emergencies at the airport. He coordinated the activities of local, national and international news people and TV crews during emergencies or other crisis situations at the five South Florida airports operated by Dade County.

In addition to writing numerous magazine articles over the years, Mr. Vine authored the book “Internet Business Intelligence; How to build a big company system on a small company budget," published in 2000. For 20 years he developed and delivered advanced Internet training seminars, workshops and webinars for investigators, intelligence analysts and other professionals. The author published, marketed and sold his own specialized multimedia information products on CD and DVD creating more than a dozen titles during the 2000s.

The ebook contain dozens of links to Internet web pages containing more information and details about the many topics covered in the eBook. All Hazards Communications Preparedness is a thorough treatment of the subject but the live links enable the reader to easily obtain more information for further study if desired.